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Drabble #8 - Behind the Door

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Jan. 28th, 2006 | 02:37 pm

Title: Behind the Door
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: Ellie M.
Challenge/Prompt: none.
Pairing: Anthony/Ginny (implied), Harry/Ginny (implied)
Genre: Melancholy, implied Romance
Rating: G
Word Count: 885

Synopsis: A short piece on a certain Gryffindor’s thoughts about a certain Ravenclaw.

Author's Notes:

This fanfiction is more based on communiquills canon than actual canon. Anthony Goldstein’s characterization, while he still belongs to JKR, is based heavily on pre_raphaelite1’s portrayal of the (adorable) Ravenclaw. So this is dedicated to the lovely Megan. I’ve wanted to write an Anthony/Ginny for so long now, and it’s all thanks to you, my dear. Your Anthony is simply amazing, and you know how much I love him because of how you’ve brought him to life. This one’s for you, darling.

Behind the Door

So it was in secret.

Everything was a secret nowadays, wasn’t it?

But who knew that she was sneaking off to that room, so private, so secluded, so set apart from the rest of the hustle and bustle that was Hogwarts? She would slip away what chance she had, no one ever questioned – she wondered why, but thoughts like that never lingered for very long. No one questioned, yet no one knew where she went – how could they not wonder where she would disappear to?

She supposed it wasn’t because they didn’t worry; they probably did, but after the events of her first year, instead of being protective, people seemed to have realized that she could handle things on her own.

If she had been able to fight against Him, who was to say she couldn’t take care of herself?

So, she would slip through the corridors of the castle, often noticed, but never stopped. She would falter on the staircase, but she wouldn’t turn and head back. She would pause for the longest moments outside of that quiet doorway, simply looking at it. Nerve didn’t fail her – as a Gryffindor, it shouldn’t – but sometimes she wondered why. Why her? Why him? Why did she suddenly notice him? Or perhaps the true question lay buried underneath that: why had he noticed her in the first place? Why hadn’t she sooner?

There was definitely something different. Of course, everyone was different, but he was a different sort of different. The kind of different that was remarkably special in its own, quiet way. A kind of quiet that she simply, secretly, adored; no one else held that quiet – not even Harry. And as much as she liked him, he wouldn’t hold that same sort of different that she found herself so fond of.

He wasn’t like the others at all, and she liked that. She didn’t know why, but she just did. Inwardly, she felt a burning sort of guilt for how she felt towards him – there was Harry, and there was… him.

She sighed a little sadly; it couldn’t ever work, could it? Deep down, she knew it couldn’t. And it tugged at her heart to think of it like that. But she could hardly tell him that, could she? What would happen? She bit her lip; the thought alone sent her stomach into all sorts of knots – she was scared it would ruin the friendship they had now. And she didn’t want that. Not at all. She liked him too much to do that – she cared for him too much.

Ever since first year, ever since she had heard about The Boy Who Lived, she had fawned over Harry Potter. He was all she could talk about and think about for the longest time. She wouldn’t shut up. Then one day, she did. And only then does Harry actually notice her, but she’s noticed the other – the one that was behind the door right now.

The door she had been gazing at.

Did he know that she liked coming down to see him, even though there wasn’t really much to talk about? Did he know that she was simply content to sit there with him and enjoy that comforting silence? With Harry, there was never quite a silence – Harry being who he is, of course there would never be a moment’s peace.

With him, though… there was always a moment’s peace. There was always time to babble about nonsense and enjoy it without having to worry about saving the world. When she was with him, she could forget the War, forget the outside world.

Everything just became simpler, softer, gentler, and quieter. She liked that, too. How he did it, she didn’t know, but he just did. It was part of who he was, she supposed.

She smiled a little; though she didn’t know about what would happen between her and Harry, she didn’t care, for the moment. The future was the future, and when she was here, with him, what was ahead never really mattered. There was always a feeling of serenity just to be there with him. Not then, not later, but now.

So she went out of her way to see him; to talk to him, to smile, to blush, to babble, and to be left to her own thoughts. It was before the War, and this was probably one of the last shreds of peace left in the world.

She liked that.

So it was in secret, when she would slip away from Gryffindor when she could. It was in secret that she would make her way through the castle, down the staircases, through the empty corridor, and towards the unnoticed classroom with the chaise lounge. Her thoughts were secret, her feelings secret, her uncertainty secret. But she found that secrets never seemed to matter around him. She could tell him anything, she could confide in him.

She could trust him.

She liked that.

So, slowly, she touched her fingers to the cool brass of the doorknob, hesitated for a fleeting moment, and opened the door.

And in return, he startled, glancing up from his easel.

She waved a little to him.

Anthony Goldstein blushed, smiled; “Alright?”

Ginny Weasley smiled in reply, nodding. “Alright.”

And she was.

And she liked that.


Comments and criticism are loved, my dears.


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The Foul Temptress

(no subject)

from: pre_raphaelite1
date: Jan. 28th, 2006 06:52 am (UTC)

I love this... so so much. And you and Ginny too!

*big hugs*

More of a review later when I'm more coherent! *Winks*

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Archon Mentha

(no subject)

from: archon_mentha
date: Jan. 28th, 2006 06:59 am (UTC)

This is absolutely adorable. *Hugs*

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(no subject)

from: brevityiswise
date: Jan. 28th, 2006 03:30 pm (UTC)

woah. nice writing.

I want a character now. agh!!!

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