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Drabble #9 - Drowning in Darkness

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Feb. 9th, 2006 | 09:35 pm

Title: Drowning in Darkness
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Author: Ellie M.
Challenge/Prompt: Drown / kh_drabble
Pairing: none.
Genre: Angst.
Rating: PG (for, erm, frightening mental images?)
Word Count: 292

Synopsis: When the Destiny Islands were swallowed by darkness, it was Riku who drowned in it.

Author's Notes:

So far the only break-through in my current writer's block. An entry for kh_drabble's latest challenge. Hope you like it!

Drowning in Darkness


The worst death of all.

To feel the sea squeezing the life out of you, wrenching your soul apart.

To become a demon, wandering forever, hating and craving all living things, striving to extinguish their flame, their life, their light.

The light was fading, he couldn’t see; just the trees looming, and beyond them, the impossible and swirling abyss of the unholy sky – a black chasm torn and slashed by threads of blazing lightning, the roar of the wind tearing at any creature in its way.

He was so tired. He couldn’t keep fighting, he had to stop, just for a little while, to rest. And oh, how the darkness called and beckoned, how its sleek words wove lies and deceit into his heart and promised freedom to a soul that yearned for it.

He sank, and the darkness wrapped its arms about him – tight, so tight, but he felt no pain, no horror, no remorse. He welcomed the darkness. He smiled –

A flicker in the nightmare.

Sora, he thought hazily.

Had he come to join him? Had he heard the murmuring whispers and seen the open arms that embraced him? He outstretched an arm, held out his hand. He opened his mouth to speak, and the darkness did it for him; words tumbled, unbidden, from his lips as he welcomed Sora. Asked him to come with him.

They could go together.

But he refused. Sora refused the darkness. He couldn’t understand why.

It was Sora’s face that was the last thing he saw in a world drowning in darkness.

It was Sora’s voice that was the last thing he heard in a world drowning in darkness.

But it wasn’t Sora that drowned with that world in darkness.

It was Riku.


C&C are loved and appreciated!


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from: gooziewoozie
date: Feb. 9th, 2006 07:29 pm (UTC)


You depict Riku REALLY well, luv. I hope this wins (or at least Runner-up!?)!

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