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A Writer with Parchment and Ink.

- a collection of fiction -

Ellie M.
8 March
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About Me:

Where to begin? No matter what Julie Andrews says, the beginning is not a good place to start - at least, not for this particular case. So, I'll start in the middle. The beginning is too long and tedious, much like the beginning of this brief bio (which is quickly becoming not-so-brief), so I will spare you the details. I like to skip around under the name of Ellie, and scribble little things in a Journal under the name of
which was originally supposed to serve the purpose this Journal will now serve as. But something went awry (another story which is much too tedious and long for this) and I got muchly weary with waiting, and made this. What is this? This is a place to stash drabbles, mostly, along with the rare drawing or sketch, perhaps.

Lovely, isn't it?


Rules and Regulations:

I know what you're thinking. Why rules and regulations on a writing journal? Simple, my dear; writing deserves to be respected. And I won't have my darling letters and sentences have their dreams crushed, aye?

There's a reason for this being number one: because it is muchly important. I will not have anything posted on this journal plagarized or copied in any way, and certainly no hotlinking. Do so, and you will have a very ticked off Ellie. Stealing does not a happy Ellie make. And Ellie prefers happy to not happy, savvy?

Constructive criticism.
It's positively wonderful if you like what you see and say so, but it's also very helpful to me if you tell me (nicely) if there is something that needs work, or has room for improvement. Nobody is perfect, and my writing certainly isn't, so suggestions and tips are always good. At the same time, reviews such as "Good, please update soon!" or something along those lines, while lovely, are better when expanded upon. What did you like? What made you angry, what made you happy, what made you cry?

There isn't really need to expand on this. Treat people the way you yourself want to be treated, and things will go smoothly.


General Disclaimer:

All works posted in this journal borrow the characters from movies and books that are not mine, or are, in any way, affiliated with me. This is non-profitable journal, and all stories are written for enjoyment, and nothing else. In other words, no, I don't own much of anything, and they all belong to JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, Disney, Squaresoft, and the like. Please do not sue.

Thank you.


And I part with this simple wish: That you, my dear reader, reviewer, and friend, enjoy the snippets of fantasy within the cyber-pages of this journal.

"Let us have pirates, clowns, and a happy ending!"
-- Shakespeare in Love --