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Drabble #10 - No Other Choice

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Apr. 14th, 2006 | 09:55 pm

Title: No Other Choice
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: Ellie M.
Challenge/Prompt: none.
Pairing: Anthony/Ginny (implied), Harry/Ginny (implied)
Genre: Melancholy, Angst, implied Romance
Rating: G
Word Count: 624

Synopsis: It was doomed from the beginning.

Author's Notes:

Ginny Weasley lives in my head and makes me cry when she gets like this. And times like these, it makes me wish that Ginny wasn't a main character and that she wasn't the love interest of the hero. *sighs*

No Other Choice

There was someone else.

And it couldn’t be her, couldn’t be him. It wasn’t supposed to be possible – and it wasn’t even meant to be real. Maybe it wasn’t even real to him, and just to her: it was so real that it hurt.

It hurt because she knew that it just wasn’t meant to be.

He’d told her that their destinies were already written; that she had her part, and he had his. He even told her that he thought he wouldn’t survive the War the way she would. Well, in his words, anyway; she didn’t think there was a certain chance she would survive. If anything, she had a feeling that she might not escape unscathed.

How, she didn’t know. A spell, perhaps: an Avada Kedavra, a Stunner, or something else, perhaps being caught in the crossfire.

Perhaps even betrayal, but who knew? But she did know that she wanted to go down fighting.

It was painful to know that it wouldn’t just be Harry and her family in the War, too. Her friends, the members of Dumbledore’s Army – they’d be fighting too. And there was one friend… one she cared about too much more than she should.

But she swore that she wouldn’t let him die, not if she could help it. When she said that, she’d said it as she would have to anyone she cared about.

As a friend, of course.

But if she had to say it again… God, would it even sound the same? Would it have the same meaning behind it? If she said it to him again, if she swore that she’d do what she could to protect him… would there be friendship behind that promise, or something more?

Something she wasn’t even supposed to feel for anyone else, except one other. One other that told her that she couldn’t be with him, because she would get hurt. Because she might be used against him, and that he cared about her too much for that. She knew his reasons, and it didn’t hurt too much at all.

She didn’t even cry.

But him, but Anthony. If something happened to him, if he died; what then? Would it make her an awful person to cry, then? If she couldn’t weep over Harry, what would it mean?

It was wrong, and she knew it. Besides, Anthony loved someone else, right? She knew that now. She, even as a Gryffindor, didn’t have the courage to tell him that it hurt her to know it. But it made him happy, and that meant so much to her. She couldn’t be so selfish as to let him know how it made her feel when he loved someone else. It would be cruel to ruin that with her silly girlish emotions.

And she knew that he didn’t love her – not that way. He’d told her he loved her before, and even though that sent a thrill through her like any other – she knew that he loved her, but that he wasn’t in love with her.

She thought that was how she felt too – that she loved him, and just loved him – and it terrified her to realize that it wasn’t like that at all.

Besides, she was Ginny Weasley. She was supposed to love Harry Potter, supposed to be with him, supposed to be with no other.

Supposed to.

But what about what she wanted?

No, probably not, either. Because, after all, that was what she had to do. And there was what Harry had to do – for some stupid, noble reason.

She had no choice.

Anthony had said that their destinies were already written.

She knew that all too well.

And it broke her heart to have no other choice.


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